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The Frankie Boyer Show

'Award Winning Health

and Fitness Show'

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National Radio Talk Show Host

The Frankie Boyer Show

With her enthusiastic and explosive personality, Frankie Boyer targets her Health Show to those interested in traditional and alternative approaches to anti-aging and healthy living. Along with introducing some of the world's premier experts in health, fitness, and medicine, Boyer makes it a point to discuss important health issues with both her guests and listeners. She is able to make her topics of Health and Fitness engaging for her listeners by providing new approaches and daily suggestions backed up by the expert advice of her guests. Whether those guests are fitness gurus, doctors or well-known public figures such as Senator Edward Kennedy or Deepak Chopra, listeners are sure to be involved in a wide range of health topics. To complement her upbeat outlook on healthy lifestyles, Boyer features medical breakthroughs, alternative healing, consumer-oriented issues, herbal remedies and the latest anti-aging news. In addition to interviewing celebrities, Boyer will investigate ways to help today's business men and women stay fit, both mentally and physically.

2 Radio Shows Online Daily!

-The Frankie Boyer Show (M-F 2-4pm) Sirius Stream 131 & the Cable Radio Network

Healthy Family with Frankie Boyer (M-F 5-7pm) on the Icicle Network

Health Information

To contact Frankie Boyer, call her at 508.878.1782.

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Be sure to join Frankie every Tuesday and Thursday as she broadcasts live from Health and Dedham Complex.

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Show News

05/25/04 - Frankie launches new website

05/19/05 - The Frankie Boyer Show wins American Heart Association Northeast Affiliate award. (Story)

04/03/03 - The Frankie Boyer Show has been added to the Sirius and Icicle network lineups.

Frankie Boyer interviews Teresa Heinz.


Where To Listen

Nationally Syndicated Monday Thru Friday 2-4pm EST. on the Cable Radio Network

  • WBIX 1060am Boston: Sundays 6-7:30am

  • WJLT 650am Boston

  • WSRO 1470am Boston

  • WROL 950 AM in Boston. (M-F 2-4pm)

  • Sirius Network (M-F 2-4pm)Stream 131

  • Icicle Network (M-F 5-7pm)

  • KPYP Terell Texas

  • Channel 6-CRN

  • WLTH 1370am Gary Indiana

  • KLID 1340am Poplar Bluff, Missouri

  • KJAB Evansville Indiana



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