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Ben Weider - Weider Nutrition International

Dr. Deepak Chopra - The Chopra Center for Well-being

Suzanne Somers Actress, on Breast Cancer

Dr. William Castelli - The Framingham Heart Study

Janelle Hail - Founder, The National Breast Cancer Foundation

Dr. Robert Atkins - The Atkins Diet

Stedman Graham - The Leadership Institute Of Chicago

Dr. Barry Sears - The Zone Diet

John O'Hurley - Actor, on Epilepsy

Dr. Cathleen London - Family Practitioner

Dianna Kirkwood- The Town That Lost A Ton

Dr. Steven Sinatra - Cardiologist

John Gray - Mars and Venus

Dr. Lauren Linton - The Human Genome Project

Carol Showalter - The 3D Diet

Elizabeth Rogers - President of Oral Health America

Dr. Thomas Moore - The DASH Diet

Carnie Wilson - Singer, on Being Fit

Dr. Todd Cooperman - President,

Nicole Johnson - 1999 Miss America, on Diabetes

Dr. Bernard Levin - Anderson Cancer Center, Texas

Jerry Greenfield & Ben Cohen - Ben & Jerry Ice Cream Sun & Earth Cleaning

Dr. Michael Mogadam - Cardiologist

James Cromwell - Actor, on Great American Meat-Out

Dr. Bengt Saltin - 2002 IOC Olympic Winner on Sports Sciences

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