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Frankie Boyer on WBIX 1060am & WBNW 1120am in Boston!!

Be sure to tune your dial to Boston's 1060am weekdays 11am-Noon, 3pm-4pm & weekdays Noon-1:00pm on WBNW 1120am for the best in health information.

Welcome to The Lenair Technique Center and the highly-refined work of Rhonda Lenair and The Lenair Technique.

The Lenair Technique is a progressive and powerful modality that quickly ends alcohol addictions and other addictive and stress-related problems; physical issues are also highly responsive to this process.

Since 1987 Rhonda has transformed the lives of over 30,000 clients from around the globe through her compelling work as an extraordinary healer, renowned medical intuitive and addiction specialist. Please enter our Center and be healed.

As a practicing clinical pharmacist, Steve Ottariano is able to see the benefits of combining the use of what we would call "traditional" pharmacy with the complementary potential that exists in medicinal plants.

In his new book The Cellulite Cure, Dr. Lionel Bissoon explains the latest scientific breakthroughs in the prevention and treatment of this all-too-common condition affecting nearly 90 percent of women.

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National Radio Talk Show Host

Frankie BoyerThe Frankie Boyer Show

With her enthusiastic and explosive personality, Frankie Boyer targets her Health Show to those interested in traditional and alternative approaches to anti-aging and healthy living. Along with introducing some of the world's premier experts in health, fitness, and medicine, Boyer makes it a point to discuss important health issues with both her guests and listeners. She is able to make her topics of Health and Fitness engaging for her listeners by providing new approaches and daily suggestions backed up by the expert advice of her guests. Whether those guests are fitness gurus, doctors or well-known public figures such as Senator Edward Kennedy or Deepak Chopra, listeners are sure to be involved in a wide range of health topics. To complement her upbeat outlook on healthy lifestyles, Boyer features medical breakthroughs, alternative healing, consumer-oriented issues, herbal remedies and the latest anti-aging news. In addition to interviewing celebrities, Boyer will investigate ways to help today's business men and women stay fit, both mentally and physically.

Tune in!

* 11:00am-Noon M-F (WBIX 1060am in Boston & on
* Noon-1:00pm M-F (WBNW 1120am in Boston & on
* 3:00pm-4:00pm M-F (WBIX 1060am in Boston &
* 2:00pm-4:00pm M-F (Cable Radio Network and on The National Radio Network.

Health Information

Layers of Light International, Inc. is dedicated to “Promote Peace and Transform Humanity by Empowering Individuals to Achieve Higher Consciousness and Sustained Wellness”. Our M-Power Life System immediately enhances the Five Factors of physical performance including: balance, coordination, flexibility, strength and endurance while supporting the energy signals in the brain responsible for achieving higher levels of consciousness, mental clarity, calmness, focus and recall. For more information, log on to

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To contact Frankie Boyer, call her at 508.878.1782.

- Total Health Magazine promotes longevity through news and information on natural and alternative health and integrative medicine with specific information on herbs, supplements, nutrition, natural remedies and the latest health-based research. 435.673.2505.

French Meadow Bakery has developed 4 functional breads, which are essentially ?meal replacements.? We compare these delicious innovative breads to protein bars & shakes - sans any sweeteners!

Naturally Vitamins - Naturally Vitamins-Manufacturer and Information Provider of Quality Vitamins, Nutritional Supplements, and Systemic Enzymes - 1-800-899-4499.

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Be sure to join Frankie every Tuesday as she broadcasts live from Health and Dedham Complex.

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Show News

01/01/07 - BUSINESSTALKRADIO.NET, INC. PURCHASES THREE MORE STATIONS. Click here to read the press release.

Click Here for pictures from the Maksou party!

01/01/07 - BUSINESSTALKRADIO.NET, INC. PURCHASES THREE MORE STATIONS Click here for the press release.

07/20/06 - Frankie Boyer Nominated Talk Radio Daily News "Talk Radio Person of the Day"

04/05/06 - Petition Supporting the Medical Freedom to Choose Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

-Download Petition-

Wyeth, the maker of Premarin and Prempro, has taken its fight to restrict your right to choose bio-identical hormones from the FDA to the U.S. Congress. Wyeth lobbyists are meeting with congressional staff members and giving them literature which undermines bio-identical hormones and compounding pharmacies. Currently, Sen. Edward Kennedy's office is drafting legislation that would restrict compounding pharmacies from filling prescriptions for bio-identical hormones. For more information, log on to

08/08/05 - Be sure to stay tuned to Frankie Boyer from...

* 11:00am-Noon M-F (WBIX 1060am in Boston & on

* Noon-1:00pm M-F (WBNW 1120am in Boston & on Be sure to call Frankie on the caller line at 888.454.3376.

* 3:00pm-4:00pm M-F (WBIX 1060am in Boston &

06/18/05 - The Frankie Boyer Show returned to Boston's WBIX 1060am live weekdays 11-noon & 3pm-4pm.

10/01/04 - The Frankie Boyer Show Wins Best Radio Series. (Click Here)

-(Click Here) for an mp3 audio clip of the Frankie Boyer Show.


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* 11:00am-Noon M-F (WBIX 1060am in Boston & on
* Noon-1:00pm M-F (WBNW 1120am in Boston & on
* 3:00pm-4:00pm M-F (WBIX 1060am in Boston &
* 2:00pm-4:00pm M-F (Cable Radio Network and on The National Radio Network.



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